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      Hey everyone,

      I think most of you are familiar with the btk extension for Matlab and Python. If not you should definitely check it out, it makes working with c3d files a breeze. I currently have a quite specific question and thought this might be a good place to start a discussion!

      I recently recorded some data with a Vicon system and we noticed that one subject lost a marker when we were processing the data. I have now reconstructed the lost marker through local coordinates and want to establish it to the same status as the recorded physical markers.
      When I run the short model that reconstructs the marker, it is put in the Model Outputs -> Modeled Markers section in Nexus. Is there a way to ‘trick’ Nexus into thinking that this marker was recorded in the first place so it doesn’t get deleted together with the other model outputs by the Delete All Model Outputs pipeline? I have tried looking through the meta data to find a a section that defines this, but i can’t find a difference between modeled and recorded markers. Also the btkAppendPoint commend doesn’t seem to have an impact.

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